Civil engineer turned security consultant, smuggler, grave robber, and investigator, Grayson Moran brings a unique perspective to his work.

A hard-core SciFi fan who claims not to have read any fiction outside the genre, Moran nevertheless takes a highly social, cultural, individual approach to writing. SKY SEEDS is his first attempt to write for young people, who he sees as the purist audience for SF/F.

Moran is antagonistic to much of the accepted scientific explanations for the origins of races, humanity and life itself, but not for religious reasons, citing, "knowledge of breeding and common sense".

He is the author of several books of "outlaw anthropology" and alternative explanations of history, all published under names that "would not injure my professional reputation, back when I had one."

Moran describes himself as an apostate, womanizer, renegade, and temple raider. He is also author of several dull professional books on theodolites and land survey. He currently resides in Murphysboro, Tennessee in order to pursue his new calling as a songwriter in nearby Nashville.