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Linton Robinson

Adoro Books: Engines of Desire by Linton RobinsonThere is a restless beauty and energy about these poems. Not the voice of maturity: but like a struggle of something fighting to come forth and be born.

Robert Bly
National Book Award Winner
"The Light Around The Body"

This work is a folly, like a machine doing a striptease.

Allen Ginsberg
Author of "Howl"

You're doing the same thing I am, aren't you? Small, cheap books that spread like virus. Powerful verse without affectation or french ticklers, lighting up the eyes and ears as well as brain.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Author of "A Coney Island of the Mind"
Owner of City Lights Books

A really strong poet. Metaphysical erotica, though a sanguine sense makes it hardcore. Nothing light about this verse -- a second and third reading will continue to yield radioactive ore from a deeper vein.

Roderick Taylor
Screenwriter, Recording Artist
Author of "Florida East Coast Champion" from Rolling Stone Books