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THIS SPECIAL TUTORIAL is a one-stop guide to creating professional-looking video "trailers" for your books--without and special skills, annoying learning curves, or spending a cent!

The video trailer has become such a common promotional and marketing tool for authors--especially new authors--that it amounts to a modern "must". But so many of the videos on the web are poorly done--even though many cost upwards from $250 to make! There is no forbidding technical mystery to turning out your own video, and no reason to pay any money to assembly line video makers or for the programs you can use to make your own trailer... and also have fun making family or art "films".

Making a video, even if you only have a book cover to work with is done with simple editing programs that are available for free--in fact, if you are a Windows XP or Vista owner you ALREADY OWN programs that you can use to make impressive videos. (Mac and Linux users are directed to free programs for those platforms).

The tutorial shows how to acquire, edit and apply pictures, video clips, and music/sound effects for free, using free programs (many of which are also very useful for other purposes, such as making logos or editing your mp3 music.
NOTHING in this report requires special training of aptitude: much of it can--and has been--done by children.

There are twenty dollar books on making videos: but most are aimed at technical usage and assume you have a video camera. This manual is for one purpose: to show you the quickest, easiest way to produce good quality book trailers. If you have a simple electronic camera, great. If not, no need to buy anything at all.

This manual takes you through:

--Getting, installing and using all necessary free programs to produce a trailer.

--Creating or acquiring still images, video clips, sound effects and legal music: and how to manipulate and apply these elements to your goal of making a book video.

--Several ways to create an impressive soundtrack--without violating copyrights--either self-produced or downloaded free, or for under $30 for all license rights. AND how to edit, trim, convert and apply the music or effects.

--Primarily slanted at Windows users, the manual also has a section for Mac and "crossplatform" users. All resources and most of the techniques and tips apply equally to production from any operating system.

For the price of a movie, you can learn how to MAKE YOUR OWN movies! Create your own promo videos and use your skills to do family DVD's, visual art well as improve your digital music files and be able to edit sound recordings as easily as using your email box.

This manual was prepared for Adoro Works by Linton Robinson, an Adoro Books author who has written books and articles for top national markets and makes his own videos, several of which have won awards: most recently the Covey Book Trailers "Most Intriquing Video Award".

See what we're talking about with special videos made to illustrate the tips and techniques in the text. This one shows how to make dramatic motion clips made from single pictures in minutes with no special skills... including the original music!

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  • Free Programs
  • Free Resources
  • EASY Operation
  • ALL Aspects
  • Video Examples
  • Includes Sound
  • Includes Graphics
  • No Gear Needed
  • No Special Skills

Special "Quicker, Easier" section shows how to use a free Windows program to make a book video with orginal music and attractive, pro-looking techniques using only photographs and book covers. NO skill or learning curve, make your video in an hour!

Imaginary Lines Video: Linton Robinson


The first book trailer award to a user of this manual: the COVEY TRAILER AWARDS!