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THIS SPECIAL TUTORIAL is a one-stop guide to supercharging your ability to decorate and promote your book with professional-quality graphics--without spending a cent!

Whether you want to save money on quality visuals or just give your site a tonier, more confidence-inspiring look, this inexpensive guide shows you how to do it, from acquiring free programs to turning out eye-catching logos and avatars within minutes.

For that matter, why spend $250 for a run-of-the-mill book cover when you can design your own using free tools and resources?

This Adoro Works report gives you everything you need to know to start designing quality graphics: links to program sources, special fonts, free stock artwork, links to special forums where you can get expert advice without charge.

--A free, easy to use program that runs on any operating system and can create logos from your typed in designs at the click of your mouse!

--A free program that allows you to effortlessly rotate, zoom and transpose images as well as fading their transparency and adjusting their color balance...without any manuals or lengthy learning curve!

--Free programs to create favicons, icons and animated gif images for your site.

--Online design tools that allow you to create your graphics even faster, with no need for installation!

--Quickly create buttons, logos and icons using gradients, beveling, and hover changes!

--Learn how you can create striking book covers with these free tools, getting the look you want without expense!

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