ADORO WORKS is a new kind of publisher... designed for publishers.
We offer inexpensive downloads written by experts to help new, small, and shoestring publishers and writers create, promote, and market their work.

We have begun the process of bringing a series of titles to this space, economically-priced documents to help new authors and publishers:

  • Create video book "trailers" for free
  • Design pro-look logos, graphics and book covers for free
  • Create and host the right web presence for their work, and low or no cost
  • Utilize and optimize to get maximum impact for their books
  • Print their own paper books in low numbers at low costs
  • Optimize their website for search engines
  • And other helpful tasks that can be accomplished without paying experts or suffering from torturous learning curves.

As only one example of our innovative, results-oriented approach to providing information on electronic documents, note that our first offering, a manual on making video "trailers" for books, utilizes links to videos for examples of the techniques and tips it describes.

You can see one of those videos right here:

And don't forget to check out our selection of exciting new literature on our sister site, Adoro Books

ADORO BOOK WORKS: Sample Document

We're very proud of this new title: a unique new approach to publishing that offers major advantage to authors destined for traditional contracts, or supporting themselves with "new media" self-publishing. This comprehensive strategy is backed up with how-to's on several ways of reaching readers through your own efforts (and without sharing the income) immediately why still serving the longer-term goals of building fan base, enhancing brand, and attempting to get publsher contracts.

We invite you to read more about this valuable, fun addition to your professional tools