Your manuals are "PDF documents", what does that mean?

      PDF stands for Portable File Documents. It's a format created by the Adobe Corporation to transfer files to computers of all types and operating systems: if you have Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or virtually any platform you can read PDF documents. PDF files carry text, graphics, and even links, so your experience viewing them will be similar to seeing a web page in your browser.

Can I read PDF's in my Word Processor or Web Browser programs?

      No. They require a commonly used, simple, free program to read them. Once installed on your computer, the reader will be able to open all PDF documents on the web. If you don't already have Adobe, or some other reader, on your computer, there links to these programs at the bottom of this page.

Why are PDF documents better than books or online tutorials?

      Books are expensive: PDF files cost nothing to produce and require no shipping charges. They are also bulky: these manuals are designed to be used right on your computer while you are working on your videos or graphics or website promotion. Also, and importantly, books don't permit you to click on links for resources and to see videos in motion.
      There are plenty of articles on the web about these matters, but they are very short and skimpy. There is little reason for anybody to create documents of this complexity and specific targeting then put them up on page after page of internet...nor for you to wait for them to load.
      Adoro Works manuals deal with a very special niche: writers and small publishers. It would not make sense to publish a book as short as these manual, not a web page as long. PDF's can fill in between, for your unique requirements. And at price "in between" the free internet and the cost of printed books.

These are free programs to read your PDF manuals, click to download them from secure sites.

ADOBE READER   The classic, and massively most widely used PDF program.

FOXIT READER     Foxit Reader is an extremely small, fast program, handy for applications on laptops or older computers with less computing power.