"We're people. And we're little...
But we're not your Little People."


Yes, that's the month I was born. And yes, my first name being Camelia is a dead give-away (or warning) that I'm a legitimate Suthen Belle. And I haven't lost my accent, either, during all these years working in New York and Los Angeles. So there.

I'd love to place myself in the pantheon of the Southern writers I absorbed growing up: Faulkner, Wolfe, O.Henry, Percy, Marshall Tucker. But turns out I'm a sucker for science fiction, fantasy, and kids' books. Ah, well. This is my attempt to give modern kids something of the pleasure I got sitting under the sycamore out back reading about little creatures and the humans who loved them. Well, that and an attempt to get rich and famous. Whichever works.

It's kind of ironic that a dyed-in-the-wool book fan like myself would get sucked into electronic publishing, but it makes a lot of sense. Reading off paper won't be around much longer, and there are huge advantages to reading "ebooks". But above all, I realized that much of the audience I was trying to reach has already made the jump to being more comfortable reading off a screen than paper. So what the hell?

I hope you like TreeTops and will stick around for the next two volumes in the series. There will be ebook versions on CD and download, or you can keep reading the RSS feed when you're supposed to be working. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and y'all come back now, hear?