Adoro Author:Stevie Gray


Author: Naked In Front Of Strangers

Stevie Gray was born in an unremarkable town in the Midlands in 1984.

She's been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen and doesn't appear to be about to stop any time soon. If, for whatever reasons, she couldn't write, she'd probably become a serial killer.

Stevie has two different followings: fans of her poetry, and of her modeling, including the aggressive, sexy poses on "Suicide Girls". These two strains merged when a botched spinal surgery pinned her down into immobility, creating a dichotomy of flesh and spirit that animates the contrasting bleak and achingly tender moods of her poems.

Her work comprises tales of bleak dystopian futures, political diatribes, neo-pulp fiction and lots of poems, many of them about rain. Most of her writing is done when she really ought to be asleep. It probably shows.

She enjoys - among other things - late nights, thunderstorms, Tarantino films, conspiracy theories, and the words and music of Leonard Cohen. She knows how to hold a grudge, and her role-model in all things is R.P. McMurphy.

She currently resides in a dull little town outside of Stratford-Upon-Avon, and really doesn't want to.