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Karla Telega is an award winning author. No, really. You can check out her honorable mentions at, where she rarely refers to herself in the third person. In this biography schtick, shes supposed to make it sound like someone else is singing her praises. At least shes not using the royal we. That would just be weird!

Karla is the founder of Tart Cookies: a company she made up in a moment of sleep deprivation to explain her paper clip expenses this tax season. She blogs for e-magazine and is currently working on a comic murder mystery.

From the Author:

Why write a humor book about aging? Its largely to pay for my paper clips. Its also a chance to explore and embrace my olditude. I can laugh about my fear of long lines in the ladies room, as long as Im not laughing while standing in the long line. I hope you can have a laugh as well.

Mission Statement:

I was once told that as a co-worker, I taught best by working alongside someone: going through the same experience as them. As a humor writer, my goal is to use laughter to diffuse the anxiety of aging; challenge others to bring humor into their daily lives; and prove that there is joy and laughter to be found at every stage of lifes journey.

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