And a New Direction

Adoro Books has always been a little... different. Originally conceived by Trevor Watkins as an internet-based press producing through un-used capacity of other POD accounts, to create an imprint with no footprint, Adoro has since had other owners, and moved down several different paths to find readers and new ways to be read.

The most recent change is the most "normal" and the best indication yet that this small ultra-independent publisher will survive and prevail. Escrit Lit, LLC has aquired all rights to Adoro and will move heavily into digital editions, backed up by print in some cases, by phone apps and other applications when it seems best. Adoro becomes one of several imprints of the new, innovative Escrit portolio and is in the process of retooling at the moment. Plans call for the release of six new titles by the end of the year. We wish ourselves success, and hope you will join us.

We are very proud of an innovative new title by Mexican artist/cartoonist Jesus Pedroza--best known to fans and students as "El Kartun"--the "graphic short" "Just WAKE UP! This short story consists of just 22 graphic plates but tells a story that moves from quotidian life to the gritty reality of Tijuana street violence, to a transdence that reminds many of "magical realism." A work acclaimed for tying together universal themes with Mexican tropes by means of a uniquely "Comix" climax, it's been enthusiastically reviewed and is already a cult book in its milieu.

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